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About Us

Why the MythologicalMovieClub?

One may say that culture is the form of mythology and that mythology is the substance of culture. Dr. David Miller

As mythologists, we are compelled by the idea that cultural mythologies are best examined in the dreams of popular culture – in the fantasy and poetic images that stream across our daily paths in the form of television shows and movies. Each image, contains its depth, its story, its value, “We need but take hold of one and not let go, letting it prove the eternal buoyancy of myth and its beings”, writes archetypal psychologist, James Hillman.

We propose to hold onto the images in the MythologicalMovieClub and through the images, bring people into a subtle awareness of the background messages playing in popular culture.

Join as a member and submit your own reviews, engage in ongoing discussions on movies, tv shows, mythology and archetypal psychology. We’re always looking for good discussions.