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Movie Reviews: Signs – Stephanie Pope, MA

Movie Reviews: The Matrix Reloaded – by Barry Mills, MD
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The Matrix was a triumph equaled only by its monumental failure
– The Architect (Matrix Reloaded)
The original Matrix film blasted out of earth’s orbit becoming a science fiction pop phenomenon and winning four
Movie Reviews Of Sky Father: The Stand That Is No Stand

Jove in the clouds had his inhuman birth. No mother suckled him, no
—Wallace Stevens

There is something in every telling that no more will just be told. Each of us can no longer expect so neatly to be told it. We have to discover that something for ourselves. Today many of us understand that what we see is determined by how we look while the looking itself is determined by where we stand. Your beliefs about what you are looking at will color what you see like the plaid shirt of Morgan colors our own looking in one scene revealing alien presence in the movie Signs. Perhaps, where you stood before looking may well be where you stand after because you already have a stance and you are holding on to it. If so, you are choosing to look by way of what you already know. Can you say in this that you ever see anything else but what you already intend to see and to believe in the first place? Perhaps you have a belief about belief itself and that such a thing as belief can save you from a life of meaninglessness. After all, everything happens for a “reason”, right? And perhaps, just perhaps, you are hoping for proof that this stance is the right one. The only one.